Award of Excellence, criteria for selection



The AFS Award of Excellence, the Society’s highest award for scientific achievement nominations are due shortly. The award consists of a bronze medal; a plaque, and honorarium. The award is presented at the annual meeting of the Society.

Nomination materials can be sent via electronic, mail or fax. Materials should include a detailed letter of nomination to address award criteria, vitae of nominee, and additional supporting materials as needed.


a. A monumental work, or

b. Original techniques or research methods, or

c. New, fresh ideas, viewpoints, or data which contribute remarkable to conservation management or basic understanding of aquatic resources, or

d. A new successfully executed fishery research or management program of national or international importance or

e. Imaginative an successful programs in fish conservation, education at any level of teaching or graduate student guidance, or

f. Important faunal or ecological discoveries or new taxonomic criteria, or

g. Research especially beneficial to mankind, or

h. Interdisciplinary research involving leadership in team efforts in the laboratory or field, or

I. Multiple successful efforts in a variety of field such as biology, public understanding, technical and popular writing, laboratory and filed research, inspiration leadership, enunciation of principles.


a. Award recipient must be living at the time of selection

b. The award will not necessarily be made annually, but will be made only in such years, as there is substantial or unanimous agreement among members of the Award of Excellence Committee than an award is justified.