Preparing for the Challenges Ahead – 2012 ANNUAL REPORT


The mission of the American Fisheries Society (AFS) is to advance sound science, promote professional development, and disseminate science-based fisheries information for the global protection, conservation, and sustainability of fisheries resources and aquatic ecosystems. The Society adopted a Strategic Plan for 2010–2014 with three overarching goals: (1) Global Fisheries Leadership—the AFS will be a global leader providing information and technical resources for the sustainability and conservation of fisheries resources; (2) Education/ Continuing Education—the AFS will facilitate lifelong learning through world-class educational resources at all academic levels and provide training for practicing professionals in all branches of fisheries and aquatic sciences; and (3) Value of Membership—the AFS will serve its members and fisheries, aquaculture, and aquatic science constituencies to fulfill the mission of the Society. The members of the AFS are drawn together by a common interest in pursuing this mission and the goals of the Society. Our challenge is how to carry out the mission in an ever-changing world.

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