AFS Certification – Frequently Asked Questions

AFS Professional Certification Program
Frequently Asked Questions
Compiled by Task Force for Certification Implementation and the 1999-2000 Board of Professional Certification.

There are many reasons for seeking professional certification. For some it represents achievement of a career goal while for others it represents a credential necessary to perform their job. Adelman et al. (1997) describe the specific objectives of certification as follows: (1) to provide governmental and nongovernmental agencies and organizations, private firms, courts, and the general public with a definitive minimum standard of experience and education for fisheries professionals; and (2) to foster broader recognition of fisheries professionals as well-educated and experienced, acting in the best interest of the public. About 20% of American Fisheries Society (AFS) members are certified, which means there are a significant number of members who have not chosen to seek certification. The strength and credibility of the program will rise as the participation rate increases. Hopefully a review of the benefits associated with becoming a certified fisheries professional will motivate more of you to pursue certification. Read more.

What are the general requirements for professional certification?
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