01 Jul 2014

AFS 2015: Invitation to Submit Proposals for Symposia

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 First Call for the 145th Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society,

August 16-20, 2015 in Portland, Oregon

 Invitation to Submit Proposals for Symposia
2015 AFS ANNUAL MEETING OREGONIt is time to start planning your trip to Portland for the 145th annual meeting of the American Fisheries Society! To encourage a diversity of symposia, contributed papers, and posters at this meeting, the Program Committee decided a “themeless” meeting was more appropriate for Portland, one of the great venues in North America that is intrinsically tied to marine and freshwater fish and fisheries. This meeting promises to feature the latest and greatest information and discussions regarding the huge challenges facing fisheries professionals today.

The AFS 2015 Annual Meeting, co-hosted by the Society, the Western Division, and the Oregon Chapter, is scheduled from August 16-20, 2015, in beautiful downtown Portland at the Portland Convention Center. Portland is known for its thriving downtown, outdoor activities, and broad array of restaurants and food carts that contribute unsurpassed opportunities to meet and engage with fisheries professionals from around the world. We look forward to seeing you in Portland, the City of Roses!

General Information

Aquatic resource professionals are now invited to submit symposia proposals. Later there will be a call to submit abstracts for the contributed papers (oral presentations) and posters sessions. These submissions should cover a wide range of pertinent topics and disciplines. The Pacific Northwest is the epicenter of many fisheries issues and activities, so we anticipate an increase in international participation and a balance of marine and freshwater-focused symposia. We encourage participation by all those involved in the broad range of disciplines working with fish and fisheries, including research, management, governance, propagation, enforcement, pathology, education, sociology, or economics, just to name a few. We encourage participants to propose multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary topics as well as those that address specific topics of interest to the range of attendees from regional to international. We particularly welcome student participation as they are the future of the profession and the Society.

The technical program for the 2015 AFS Annual Meeting consists of three categories:

  • Symposia
  • Contributed Papers
  • Posters

Late submissions will not be accepted, so please consult the below section on Important Dates.

AFS does not waive registration fees for presenters at Symposia or Contributed Papers sessions, or workshops. All presenters and meeting attendees must pay registration fees.

Registration forms will be available on the AFS website (http://fisheries.org/meetings ) in May 2015; register early for cost savings.


The Program Committee is now inviting proposals for Symposia that can be expected to generate greater than normal interest among AFS meeting attendees. Symposia are comprised of oral presentations that share a common thematic focus. Symposia sessions are conceived and organized by individuals who recruit speakers to present papers or participate in panel discussions organized around a special topic. To encourage a diversity of symposia for the 2015 meeting we highly recommend submitting symposia proposals that do not exceed a full day.  To be considered for inclusion, the organizer must submit a proposal to the Program Committee that describes the purpose, content and structure of the proposed symposium. For those symposia that are accepted by the Program Committee, the organizers will be requested to submit brief descriptions of the symposia and abstracts of the oral presentations that comprise them. Symposium organizers are responsible for recruiting presenters, soliciting their abstracts, and directing them to submit their abstracts and presentations through the AFS online submission forms, and for moderating the symposia. To encourage a range of perspectives, the Program Committee highly recommends reaching out to a diverse pool of potential speakers and to be receptive to suggestions from the Program Committee for including relevant oral presentations submitted as contributed papers within the symposia, especially those with student presenters. The Program Committee strongly encourages symposia that span disciplines, species, and ecosystems. Oral presentations within symposia will normally be assigned the standard time slot set by the Program Committee. Some presentations may be assigned a different time-duration, such as keynote presentations that extend over two standard time slots.

Symposium proposals must be submitted using the AFS online Symposium submission form (http://fisheries.org/meetings) by 16 January, 2015.

Format for Submitting Symposia Proposals

(Submit using AFS online symposium submission form available via http://fisheries.org/meetings).
If you are interested in organizing a symposium you will need to submit your proposal using the AFS online symposium submission form. Symposia that integrate multiple disciplines, species and ecosystems and those on emerging topics will be prioritized. Speakers should use PowerPoint for presentations. When submitting your symposium proposal you will be asked to provide the following information for each of the Symposia Submittal Steps:

Step One – “Set up Session”

  1. Title. Brief but descriptive.
  2. Abbreviated Title for Schedule at a Glance.
  3. Submitter’s email.
  4. Format (oral, poster). Indicate whether the symposium format is for oral presentations only. If you plan on using a mix of oral and poster presentations for your symposium, please note that all posters are to remain in the Exhibit Hall and we will work with you to provide access to you and your symposia participants to these posters as feasible.
  5. Sponsor (optional). If applicable, indicate sponsorship. Please note that a sponsor is not required.
  6. Audio/Visual Equipment. LCD projectors and laptops will be available in every room. Other audiovisual equipment needed for the symposium will be considered, but computer projection is required. Please list special audiovisual requirements.

Step Two – “People”

Note: you will be asked to search the database for the person’s name before adding a new name. If not found, a data entry form will appear to enter the new name. The first name entered will be the main contact person.

  1. First Name.
  2. Last Name.
  3. Email Address.
  4. Role (moderator, chair, organizer).
  5. Publish Email (check for yes).
  6. Phone Number.
  7. This person is a student (check for yes).
  8. Enter up to two affiliation(s) for the person (institution/affiliation, department, city, state/province, zip code, country).

Step 3 “Description”

  1. In 300 words or less, describe the topic addressed by the proposed symposium, the objectives of the symposium, and the value of the symposium to AFS members and participants. Images and tables are not allowed.
  2. Time:  Indicate if the duration of the oral presentations will be the standard 20-min time slots (15min +3min for questions+2min for room change) or whether a shorter or longer time slot will be used. A 5 minute increment is required when splitting into shorter or merging into longer time slots. If a non-standard time slot is used the Program Committee will require that official breaks be honored and, as feasible, align with the timing of the official room change breaks. The Program Committee reserves the right to modify the standard length of the time slots if needed.
  3. Special seating requests: Standard rooms will be arranged theater style. Please indicate special seating requests (for example, “After the break, a panel discussion with seating for 10 panel members will be needed”).
  4. List of presentations: Please supply information on potential presenters, tentative titles, and oral or poster designation, as described in this table.
Presenter’s Name Tentative title of presentation Confirmed (yes/no) Time Requirement Student (yes/no)


Step 4 “Confirmation”

  1. Please proof what you have entered. If all of the information looks OK, then click ‘Submit’

Note that if your symposium is accepted, you will need to instruct all your symposium presenters to submit their abstract as outlined below in “Abstract Submittal.”


If you do not receive confirmation by 23 January 2015 that your Symposium proposal was received, please contact the Symposium Subcommittee (see below). The Subcommittee will review all Symposium proposals and notify organizers of acceptance or refusal by 13 February 2015. If accepted, organizers must submit a complete list of all confirmed presentations and titles by 6 March 2015. Abstracts for Symposia presentations must be submitted by 13 March 2015, and conform to standard AFS presentation abstract format and submittal procedures described below in the Abstract Submittal section.



Contributed Papers Session

The oral presentations submitted as part of the contributed papers sessions are the mainstay of the Annual Meeting. The Program Committee groups abstracts for oral presentations together based on the topic or issue they address. Each group of similarly-themed abstracts forms the basis of a technical Contributed Papers session. The hierarchical organization of abstracts into groups; oral presentations into sessions; and sessions into tracks is intended to make it easier for meeting participants to identify and attend oral presentations that are of most interest to them. A call for oral presentations to be submitted to the contributed papers session will be coming later this year.

To provide an opportunity for more individuals to present their work in contributed paper sessions, meeting participants are limited to making one presentation (Note: An individual can be a co-author on multiple presentations but can only present one contributed paper. If an individual is invited to present in a symposium, then the individual can make one presentation in a contributed paper session in addition to the symposium). Contributed oral presentations will be organized by 20-minute standard time slots (15 minutes for presentation, 3 minutes for questions, and 2 minutes for room change or further questions). The Program Committee reserves the right to modify the standard length of the time slots if needed. All oral presenters are expected to deliver PowerPoint presentations.


Posters Session

Posters are an increasingly popular and effective presentation format at AFS annual meetings. A poster consists of easily read text and graphics describing the objectives, methods, and findings of a fisheries-related project or study, arranged on a single large (4’ × 4’ [0.9 m × 1.2 m]), preferably laminated, sheet of paper affixed to poster display boards. Abstracts must be submitted for all poster presentations. Abstracts sharing a common focus or theme will be identified and the posters they describe will be displayed in groups in the Exhibit Hall of the Annual Meeting. Presenters are expected to have hard copies of their poster, with the exception of the selected presenters who will be using the electronic poster display boards. When submitting your abstract for a poster presentation you will be asked if you are interested in using an electronic poster display board; if chosen you will be asked to bring on a USB storage device a PDF of your poster. A call for posters will be coming later this year, which will contain details about the electronic poster displays. There is no limit on the number of poster abstracts that can be submitted by any one individual.

Abstract Submittal: Symposia Presentations, Contributed Papers, and Poster Sessions

(submit using AFS online symposium submission form available after the call is made via http://fisheries.org/meetings).

Following the announcement for submitting abstracts to the Contributed Papers and Posters session, the following information will be requested during the submittal process:

Step One – “Title”

  1. Title. Use a brief but descriptive title, avoiding acronyms or scientific names in the title unless the common name is not widely known.
  2. Submitter’s email.
  3. Presentation Format (oral, poster).
  4. If your abstract cannot be accepted as the type indicated above, do you wish to withdraw?
  5. Symposium Inclusion
  • I was invited to submit by a symposium chair.
  • I would like to be considered for inclusion in a symposium.
  • I would not like to be included in a symposium. If yes, which one?
  1. Additional Information
  • Comments to organizers (optional). Indicate any specific requests and we will make every effort to accommodate these.
  • Related Web Page (optional). Enter the URL of the webpage related to the work described in the abstract.
  • Interest in using an electronic display board for your digital poster (Check for yes). Note that there is a limit in the number of electronic display poster boards, and these will be used by a subset of poster presenters instead of the traditional printed poster.

Step Two – “Keywords”

  1. Select between 3 and 5 keywords in order of preference
  • Bioengineering; Commercial Fisheries Management & Policy; Communities and Ecosystems; Contaminants, Toxicology, and Fish Health; Education and Outreach; Fish Culture and Monitoring/Evaluation; Fish Ecology; Genetics; Habitat and Water Quality; Human Dimensions; Native Fishes and Fish Conservation; Physiology; Population Dynamics; Recreational Fisheries Management & Policy; Species Specific (specify); Statistics and Modeling; Marine; Estuary; Freshwater; Enforcement; Governance; Socio-economic; Hydrosystem; and others.


Step Three – “Author”

List all authors, their affiliations, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses;

Note, you will be asked to search the database for the person’s name before adding a new name. If not found, a data entry form will appear to enter the new name.

  1. First Name.
  2. Last Name.
  3. Email Address.

Step Four – “Students”

If you wish to be considered for presentation in the Best Student Paper Symposium or the Best Student Poster Session, please follow the submission process under Student Presentations below. If not, follow the regular submission process.

Step Five – “Recording and Access post-meeting Permission”

  1. With your permission, we would like to record audio and slides from your presentation and allow AFS members to view it online after the meeting.
  • I grant permission to record my presentation and make it available online after the meeting.
  • I do not grant permission to record my presentation.
  1. With your permission, we would like you to submit a digital copy of your poster and allow AFS-members to view it online after the meeting.
  • I grant permission to save the digital poster I will send you and make it available online after the meeting.
  • I do not grant permission to save a digital copy of my poster.

Step Six – Abstract Text

  1. Word limit is 200 words. Images and tables are not allowed. The abstract should provide a summary of your findings.

Step Seven “Confirmation”

  1. Please proof what you have entered. If all of the information looks OK, then click ‘Submit.’

All presenters who submit an abstract for the contributed paper session or poster session will receive prompt email confirmation that their abstract was received, and will be notified of acceptance or refusal of their presentation by the deadline specified under “Important Dates.”

Important Dates


  • Proposals for Symposia must be submitted by 16 January 2015.
  • The list of accepted Symposia proposals will be posted on 13 February 2015.
  • If accepted, organizers must submit a complete list of confirmed presentations and titles by 6 March 2015.
  • Abstracts for Symposium oral presentations must be submitted by 13 March 2015 using the process described above. 

Contributed Papers and Posters

  • Those that wish to present in Contributed Papers or Poster sessions at the 2015 AFS meeting are required to submit abstracts by 13 February 2015, following the process described above.
  • Confirmation of acceptance or refusal of abstracts will be communicated by 17 April 2015.

Student Presenters

Student presenters must indicate whether they wish their contribution to be considered for competition for a best presentation (paper or poster, but not both) award. If the response is “no,” the presentation will be considered for inclusion in the Annual Meeting by the Program Committee but will not receive further considerationby the Student Judging Committee. If the response is “yes,” the student will be required to submit an application to the Student Judging Committee. Components of the application will include an extended abstract and a check-off from the student’s mentor indicating that the study is at a stage appropriate for consideration for an award. Applications are available at http://www.fisheriessociety.org/education/BSP.htm.

Program Committee Contacts

Program Co-Chairs:

Jim Bowker
 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Aquatic Animal Drug Approval Partnership Program
Tel. 406-994-9910
Email: afs2015program@gmail.com 
Nancy Leonard
Northwest Power and Conservation Council
Tel. 503-222-5161
Email: afs2015program@gmail.com 

Contributed Papers Subcommittee Chair:
Peter Galbreath
Columbia River Inter-tribal Fish Commission
Tel. 503-731-1250
Email: galp@critfc.org 

Symposia Subcommittee Chair:
Craig Busack
NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service
Tel. 503-230-5412
Email: craig.busack@noaa.gov

Posters Subcommittee Chair:
Tom Friesen
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Corvallis Research Lab
Tel. 541-757-4263
Email: Tom.friesen@oregonstate.edu



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