Committee Chairs

Society Committees 2013-2014

 Complete contact information for committee chairs can be found in the online Membership Directory. If you have any questions about committee activities, please feel free to contact the committee chair. You may also contact Gail Goldberg, Unit Services Coordinator.

(Updated September 26, 2013)


Awards: Overall chair: Ron Essig, , First Vice President


Arrangements: General Meeting Chair, Louise Deschenes,

Audit: Chair, Mary Buckman,

Board of Appeals: Chair, Scott Decker,

Board of Professional Certification: overall chair: Scott Decker

Constitutional Consultant: Jessica Mistak,

Continuing Education: Chair, Christopher Millard,

Electronic Services Advisory Board: Chair, Jeff Kopaska,

Endangered Species: Chair, Howard L. Jelks,

Ethics and Professional Conduct: Chair, Mike Barnes,

External Affairs: Chair, Cleve Steward,

Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program: Chair, Cindy A. Williams,

Investment: Chair, Henry Booke,

Meetings Oversight: Chair, Maureen Walsh,

Membership: Chair, Ursula Howson,

Names of Aquatic Invertebrates: TBD

Names of Fishes: Chair, Larry Page,

Nominating: Chair, Margaret Murphy,

Past Presidents’ Advisory Council: Chair, John Boreman, Past President

Program Committee: Co chair; Martin Castonguay,; and Bernard Sainte Marie,

Publication Awards: Chair, William Seaman

Publications Overview: Chair, Dave Hewitt,

Raffle: Chair, Rabia Sow,

Resolutions: Chair, Dennis Riecke,

Resource Policy: Chair, Jesse Trushenski,

Time and Place: Chair, Lee Bergstedt,

Vote Auditor: Co-chairs, Lisa Kerr, and Kathy Mills,




Constitution Revisions: Chair, Joe Margraf,

Strategic Plan: Chair, Margaret Murphy,

Educational Requirements: Chair, Ron Essig




American Institute of Fishery Research Biologists: Sean Lucey,

The American Society of Civil Engineers: Laura Wildman,

American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists: Mike and Marlis Douglas,;

Brazilian Society of Ichthyology: Luis Silva,

Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation: Karin Limburg,
The Coastal Society and Coastal Zone Conference: Tom Bigford,

Consortium of Aquatic Science Societies: Bob Hughes,

Desert Fishes Council: Phil Pister,

Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture: Steve Moore,

Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society (FMCS): Jeremy Tiemann,

National Fish Habitat Action Plan Board: Stanley A. Moberly,

Society for Conservation Biology: Paul Angermeier,

Society for Freshwater Science: Bruce Vondracek,

Sport Fishing and Boating Partnership Council: Fred Harris,

United States Society of Ecological Economics, Karin Limburg,

World Aquaculture Society: Curry Woods,

World Council of Fisheries Societies: Bob Hughes