Unit Guidelines

Everything you need to guide you to building and maintaining the most effective and engaging unit

Photo of members of the American Fisheries Society

Credit: American Fisheries Society

The American Fisheries Society has developed a variety of guidelines and toolkits to help Units grow and maintain themselves effectively.  If you are a new Unit leader, check out the Unit Survival Manual (currently under revision) for a start, and be sure to investigate the resources available for ensuring appropriate bylaws changes, meeting conduct, change of officers, and many other technicalities of running a Unit successfully.

Need help with committee and volunteer organization? Trouble with funding? Check out the guidelines on running a trade show or silent auction. There are tons of tools here for you to use in your AFS Unit!

If you're looking to start a new Chapter, Section or Student Subunit, make sure you refer to the guidelines provided.

For additional questions, please contact the Unit Services Coordinator or other Unit Staff Contacts.