AFS Annual Meeting: Kansas City August 21-25
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Tip 1: Download the New App

It's all about the app this year. Schedule your day, connect with speakers and other attendees, read abstracts, learn about exhibitors, navigate your way with floor maps, and stay in touch through the social activity feed. This year’s app even works without wi-fi!

Click here to learn how to download the app. 


Tip 2: Use Our Hashtag #AFS146 on Social Media

When you are Tweeting or Instagramming about the Annual Meeting (and you will be, believe us), please use the hashtag #AFS146. People have asked us: Why 146?  Well, this is the 146th Annual Meeting for AFS. Yes, we have been around nearly 150 years. So you can be proud to be a part of this distinguished gathering!


Tip 3: Be Pithy. Time Limits on Papers Are Strictly Enforced

With hundreds of oral presentations, moderators will be maintaining a strict schedule. Avoid that agitated waving from the front row by showing a manageable number of slides and practicing your timing. Unless otherwise noted, all oral presentations are to be 15 minutes, with 5 minutes for questions. Check out our PowerPoint Tutorial for helpful tips.


Tip 4: Be Punctual. Please Abide by the 24-hour Uploading Rule

This is important: Please bring your PowerPoint to the A/V loading room 24 hours ahead of your talk. We know you want to keep fine-tuning your presentation until the last possible moment, but we need everyone to report to the the Convention Center to upload their presentations from their flash drives. See Presenter Instructions for the proper file naming protocol and A/V Loading Room hours.


Tip 5: Bring Your Bar-coded Confirmation to Speed Up Registration

Registration is at the Sheraton Terrace starting at noon on Saturday (see hours). Registration is busiest Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.


Tip 6: Indulge in Your Love of Science Books & Journals

You know you want them. Fisheries scientists and professionals love their books and journals. We have lots of both to make everyone happy. Please come by our bookstore at the Trade Show, or check out the Taylor & Francis booth for journals.


Tip 7:  Don't Miss Out on the Silent Auction

Don’t miss out on the silent auction at this year’s meeting! Bid on highly valued items such as a VR2Tx Receiver and Transmitter, an artificial fish habitat, and a 3-day hotel suite package at The Peppermill Resort Spa Casino in Reno. Or enjoy a weekend at the Sheraton Hotel in Atlantic City, a high-quality 3-person tent from Dick’s Sporting Goods, and some solid oak shadow boxes from Be sure to come by the auction table at the tradeshow to see the full array of auction items.

The silent auction begins when the Trade Show opens at 9 am on Monday in Expo Hall A at the Sheraton Hotel. First call for the highest bidders will happen at 9:30 am on Wednesday, and you will have up to 2 hours to claim your prizes. If your name isn’t called, watch for announcements on the app or be sure to come back because any unclaimed items will go to the next-highest bidders at 11:30 am.


Tip 8: Practice Your Elevator Speech

Now that you’ve got your presentation down to the recommended 15 minutes, try rehearsing a one-minute version suitable for hallway and elevator conversation. You might think that this is overkill (who knows your topic better than you, after all) but condensing it without resorting to jargon is a learned skill that will serve you well every day of the conference.

And coffee—we all need it. Find it for free on the Trade Show floor during the mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks. Make contacts. Ask about jobs. And check out the exhibitors and some of the hundreds of posters on display while you’re reenergizing.


Tip 9: Bring Business Cards & Even Your Resume

We don't need to tell you why. Yes, paper business cards are still the easiest way to exchange contact information with other attendees. Since you will be meeting fisheries professionals from different sectors and different parts of the country, bring your resume as well.

And for the latest JOBS postings, please go to our website at:


Tip 10: Make the Most of Your Visit to Fabulous KC

See our Kansas City must-see attractions on the Annual Meeting website. You will find links to maps, restaurants, attractions, and instructions for using the new free streetcar line


Tip 11: Scope Out Cool Free Stuff

Channel your inner Nemo as our publisher Taylor & Francis introduces their latest giveaway fish. Can you guess which species it is this year? Watch the trailer


Tip 12: Bypass the Food Lines

And, finally, it's got to be about food: The buffets and beverages farthest from the entrance to the networking events usually have the shortest lines. Some events have drink tickets and some do not. Please check your packet carefully and be sure to wear your badge. The Grand Networking Event in Union Station on Wednesday evening will feature world-famous barbecue from Jack Stack and drink tickets are not required.


Tip 13: Just for Students

Check out the Wild Jobs Cafe from 9:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. on Tuesday. Speed Mentoring kicks off at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, then it's time to cowboy up for the Student Networking Event at PBR Big Sky in the Power and Light District at 6 p.m. - take the new free streetcar line to get there.


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