04 Mar 2014

43 Good Reasons To Go To The AFS Annual Meeting

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  1. 38th Annual Larval Fish Conference*
  2. A Retrospective of Fisheries Advances Emanating from the Queens University Biological Station.
  3. Are We Still Fishing Down the Food Web?
  4. Big Data Science and Its Impacts on Fish Conservation and Management
  5. Challenges in Managing United States Marine & Estuarine Recreational
  6. Changes in Management Regimes in North Atlantic Fisheries and the Effects They’ve Had on Abundance, Practices, and the Socio-Cultural Systems of Fishermen and Fishing Communities*. 
  7. Common Challenges and Opportunities for Global Fisheries: An International Perspective*
  8. Community Ecology and Trophic Interactions of Fishes
  9. Dam Impacts on Fishery Resources*
  10. Developing a National Fisheries Data Exchange Standard
  11. Ecosystem Services: Bridging Natural and Social Sciences Toward Sustainable Policies
  12. Engaging the Right Partners: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Propagation to Support Conservation and Management
  13. Environmental DNA ; A New Tool for Aquatic Conservation and Fisheries Management 
  14. Fire Management and Aquatic Systems: Past, Present, and Future
  15. Fish Migration and Ocean Tracking Network
  16. Fishing Gear Selectivity and Selective Fishing: Means, Methods and Implications*
  17. Freshwater fisheries in Canada: historical and contemporary perspectives on the resources and their management
  18. Future of Fisheries: Perspectives for Emerging Professionals
  19. Gaining Better Understanding of Resources and Resource Users through the Application of Emerging Technologies
  20. Genomic Tools for Fisheries Management and Conservation: Promises and Challenges
  21. Global Water Issues and Solutions for Future Water Sustainability
  22. Integrated Pest Management Approaches for Combating Aquatic Nuisance Species
  23. Integrating Ecosystem Threshold Responses into Living Marine and Aquatic Resource Management
  24. International Eel Symposium 2014: Are Eels Climbing Back up the Slippery Slope?*
  25. Jawless Fishes of the World
  26. Linear Developments Across Waterbodies and Their Potential Effects on Fish and Fish Habitat
  27. Marine Mammal and Fisheries Interactions : Management Challenges in a Changing World
  28. Out of Sight, Not out of Mind: Estimating and Reducing Release Mortality in Commercial and Recreational Fisheries
  29. Pelagic Fish Stocks on the Move and in the News: Collapse, Recovery, or Something Else?*
  30. Population Dynamics and Sustainable Fisheries for Highly-Migratory Large Pelagic Species
  31. Practical Applications of Sturgeon Research
  32. Protecting Fish at Cooling Water Intakes: Advancing Science to Support Clean Water Act §316(b) Compliance
  33. Recherche et innovation pour une pêche durable dans l’estuaire et le golfe du Saint-Laurent
  34. Reproductive Behavior and Recruitment in Marine Fishes: Emerging Understanding and Future Needs*
  35. River Herring: Towards a Holistic Understanding
  36. Roads and Rivers: Reconciling Access to Land and Integrity of Riverine Ecosystems
  37. Size-Based Models of Aquatic Ecosystems: Theory and Practice – a Symposium in Honour of Rob Peters..
  38. Spatial Ecology of Open Systems*
  39. Standard Methods for Sampling Freshwater Fishes: Opportunities for International Collaboration.*
  40. Sustainable Solutions to Optimize Hydropower Energy Development and Benefits for Fisheries at a Basin Scale
  41. Telemetry on the Atlantic Coast: Tagging Locally and Observing Globally
  42. The Next Generation of Fish Stock Assessments
  43. Understanding Fish and Their Ecosystems in Challenging Environments

* Symposium includes international participation from outside North America.